If you're purchasing a MANUFACTURED HOME then this may be the mortgage for you.  The following criteria is for both the purchase of an existing manufactured home & the refinance of a manufacture home.

  • Unit may be a single or double wide & cannot be older than 20 years.  Verification of age will be needed.
  • Borrower must own the land where the unit is located.  A mortgage will be placed on the land.  Title insurance (purchase) or Title Certificate (refinance) will be required on the land.
  • If the title to the unit has not been surrendered, InFirst Bank will hold the title as collateral with the Bank's encumbrance noted thereon.
  • Unit may be set on a slab, block, full foundation, or pier.  Towing hitch, wheels & axles must be removed.
  • Maximum fix-rate term is 240 months.  Maximum loan-to-value is 85%.  PMI will not be offered.  Borrower will pay all fees associated with the loan.

The following criteria applies to CONSTRUCTION LOANS for a Manufactured Home

  • InFirst Bank will finance new single or double wide units only.
  • Home must be set on a permanent foundation (which includes a slab) or a code compliant pier set where the title has been relinquished.  Verification will be provided through the manufactured home dealer where the unit is being purchased.
  • Maximum fixed-rate term is 300 months
  • Maximum loan-to-value is 85%.  PMI will not be offered.