ATM and VISA Check Cards are a great way to access the money in your checking account quickly and conveniently.


CardValetTM is a free app that provides you access and control of your Check Card.  Anytime!  Everywhere!  You determine how, when & where your card can be used.

  • Turn your card on and off yourself in the event it is misplaced or lost.

  • Set location boundaries limiting where the card can be used, such as: your current location, a specific region, or only in your country of residence. (IMPORTANT: you still must notify the bank of travel plans when you are traveling outside your state of residence or outside of the United States to help avoid a transaction being denied.  See instructions below.)

  • Restrict transactions based on merchant types.  For example: enable grocery stores but turn off restaurants

  • Establish per-transaction amount limits.  Set spending limits for card transactions to help keep spending in check.

  • Enable alerts to receive a notification immediately when transactions occur.

  • Enable alerts for selected types of transactions, such as: mail/phone orders, online shopping, in-store shopping, or ATM
    Visit your app store to download CardValetTM today and have the peace of mind knowing you have better control over your card.

ATM Card & Visa Check Card FAQ

Q: What is the difference between an ATM card and a VISA Check Card?
A: Both cards can be used at an ATM machine to withdraw, deposit, and/or transfer money. ATM cards can be used at merchant locations who are members of Accel Networks. A VISA Check Card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Q: What do I do if I lose my ATM card or VISA Check Card?
If you have downloaded the CardValatTM app, as mentioned above, you can simply turn your card off yourself.  You may also call 877-938-5400 as soon as possible to report the lost card or visit your local InFirst Bank office.  After reporting the card lost you will need to request a new card be issued.

Q: Do I need to notify the bank if I am traveling?
Yes, it is important for the bank to know if you are traveling outside the state or country.  Please call our toll-free number at 800-349-2814 or visit your local InFirst Bank office.  You will need to provide the dates you are traveling and any cities you will be visiting.  This helps us to know there is no fraudulent activity and you are the one using your card outside of the area. 

Q: What do I do if I forget my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
If you have forgetten your PIN you may call 800-757-9848 to update your PIN.  

Q: What are the daily transaction limitations on my ATM or my VISA Check Card?
You can use either card to withdraw up to $250 in cash per day from an ATM. In addition, you can use your VISA Check Card for up to $1000 in transactions per day at merchants who accept Visa cards. 

Q: How do I replace a damaged ATM card or VISA Check Card?
If your ATM card or your VISA Check card is damaged please visit your local InFirst Bank office or dial our toll free number at 800-349-2814.