InFirst Bank has confirmed that one of its third-party vendors, American Bank Systems (ABS), was the victim of a cybercrime.  The cybercriminal used malware to infect certain ABS’ systems that resulted in a data breach.  At this time, there is no evidence of fraud or identity theft as a result of this incident.  None of InFirst’s systems were infiltrated, and InFirst’s systems and networks were not compromised.  The cyberattack focused on ABS.  The ABS breach has impacted information at approximately three dozen financial institutions across the United States.


Who Was Affected?
Not all of InFirst’s customers were impacted as part of the ABS breach.  For those customers that were affected, ABS has worked and continues to work to send letters directly to them.  If a customer is not sure whether they received a letter or has any other questions, the customer may contact the ABS hotline at no cost at 1-855-914-4705.

What Should I Do If My Data Is Part of the ABS Breach?
There is currently no evidence of identity theft or fraud as a result of the ABS breach.  As explained in the letter to affected customers, ABS will provide at no cost credit monitoring and identity theft protection services for individual customers.  Moreover, ABS sets forth additional steps a customer may take to enhance monitoring and protection of their personal information. 

Our Commitment to You:
InFirst cares deeply about its customers and will continue to prioritize protecting their personal information.  As cyber threats grow each day in all spheres of life, InFirst will continue to focus on safeguarding customer information.  Although InFirst has no evidence of identity theft or fraud as a result of this incident, InFirst is proactively increasing security on all existing accounts through heightened monitoring for all customers.

InFirst is appreciative of all our customers and will provide updates as more information becomes available about the ABS data breach.  If you have questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the ABS hotline at 1-855-914-4705 or your local InFirst Bank branch.